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oc response...what next??

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Re: oc response...what next??

love2golf wrote:
We have reviewed your recent letter concerning the claim that the bank has an obligation under federal law to validate the debt within 30 days of your letter.  We respectfully disagree with your interpretation of the applicable laws and thus decline to respond further to your inquiry.

This seems to be the canned response from every OC.  I send an "investigation request" to Verizon and received the same response (I even put it in BIG BOLD letters on top of my letter).  Eventually they did send me some billing statements (which I promptly paid to keep it away from a CA).
I think until someone sues and there is some case law to back up this type of request this will be the answer from ever OC.

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Re: oc response...what next??

I thought there WAS law in Texas where they are required to respond within 30 days of receipt of DV letter? I don't know about other states... I think most have unlimited time to validate, but during that time, they are not supposed to make any collection attempts.
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Re: oc response...what next??

masdeocho wrote:

llecs wrote:
If I read right, OP tried to send a DV to the OC which won't work. I'm uncertain as to whether an OC letter has to be responded to or not. I don't think any fed law applies here. If reporting incorrectly and it came back verified, then a MOV might work.

Correct.  Requirements for CAs under the Fair Credit  Reporting Act do NOT apply to OCs.

Sorry ... I meant the Fair Debt Colletion Practices Act.  "Debt collector" is defined as a CA and specifically excludes OCs.  So under Federal law, an OC has no obligation to verify a debt.  State law may be different. YMMV.
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