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oh Midland Credit!

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oh Midland Credit!

I'm new and trying to get some assistance in my next step.  I had a T-Mobile debt (2011) that was bought by Midland Credit.  They were collecting on a debt of $840 and I did settle with MCM for $450 3 weeks ago (before i joined MyFico).  However, when I did join MyFico it is listed as Paid in Full however it is coming up as an account instead of a collection showing up with 120+ late payment.  I do see that they are tough to crack with removing anything from from crI, but how do I get them to at least report it correctly?  I am going to attempt gw for removal, but my hopes aren't high for it going anywhere...  Are they claiming to be oc? Reaging the debt?  Do i have legal recourse?   How does this affect my credit score?  I don't know what to do - HELP!!!  I have no other lates or collections on my cr at all.  Also, I am in Massachusetts if that is a factor.  I am trying to move into the 700 club and this is disheartening. Thanks in advance. 

Starting Score: 650
Current Score: 665
Goal Score: 720

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Re: oh Midland Credit!

i am experiencing the same exact thing with them. On two of my credit reports it is reporting as paid collection and the other it is 120 days late. I'm curious to see what everyone else advises...

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Re: oh Midland Credit!

Same situation!


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