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*one month update* since journey began

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*one month update* since journey began

Hi, all!

So, I started on this credit-repair journey exactly a month ago, February 17th, 2013. My credit was a MESS. Well, still is... but I had a lot of unpaid things, including 2 judgements and 7 defaulted student loans.


I literally spent this entire month working over time and doing freelance work just so I could pay back some of the things quickly...I'm very impatient, so when I want to do something, I HAVE to do it, LOL.


So in one month, I paid off:


2 Judgements 

3 Credit Cards

2 Collections


AND I started the Rehab process on all my defaulted loans with two separate agencies.


I also got two collection items deleted, one because they couldn't verify (it wasn't mine to begin with and I knew it) and one as a PFD just by simply making a telephone call. I'm also going to be paying two medical collections who also agreed to delete when paid in full.


I only pulled my TU and EQ when starting this on February 16th: 430 and 443 (I know, TERRIBLE).


One month later, TU and EQ are: 507 and 520. 

Slowly but surely!!!

I'm hoping in 10 months when my rehab is completed I'll see another good increase. And my goal for April is to pay off my current credit card balances down to 10% utilization. 

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I feel like I did A LOT in this last month, haha!

OH, and best part of all: I managed to stay SANE! 


I just have this weird fear that while doing all this, all of a sudden I'm going to get a random alert saying I have a new collections or something that I have forgotten about... but I don't want to think like that, because then it makes me feel like I shouldn't have even started this journey to begin with if things were just going to get added later on... then I remind myself, even if they do, at least I'll only have two or three things to pay off instead of starting from the beginning and having 10 or more, you know? At least I took out a big bulk of it now. (Can you tell I'm trying to make myself feel better? LOL)


And of course, I couldn't have done it without all of the support and advice from all you wonderful people!!! Your stories, posts, and responses inspire me so much to keep going, and this community is what inspired to make rebuild my financial life... (this, and the fact that I realized I'm 28 years old and couldn't even qualify for a bank account or an auto loan under my own name, so that was a HUGE reality check, LOL).



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Re: *one month update* since journey began

you on right track.Keep good work going !

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Re: *one month update* since journey began

You should be very happy that's a great jump for one month . Hope it keeps going good for you..
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Re: *one month update* since journey began


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Re: *one month update* since journey began

Good job!!!
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Re: *one month update* since journey began

Awesome just starting mine have student loans as well and well mine is an utter mess as well charge offs debts being sold to CAs so getting double hits there judge ments
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Re: *one month update* since journey began


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Re: *one month update* since journey began

Congrats Jon, very well nice done. I'm sure your post will be in inspiration to others!!!! Keep up the great work and welcome to the forums!!!!

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Re: *one month update* since journey began

Keep it going!

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Re: *one month update* since journey began

Heck ya! Keep it up!
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