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only need 5 more points!!!!

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only need 5 more points!!!!

im 2 years 3 months post bk 7, and i just got a score watch alert, 695!!! im so excited haha, im soooo close to the 700 club. cant wait to join!


thanks to everyone here, all the posts i learned from which taught me how to make my score grow!! With my uti now at 5%, ill be searching hard for those extra 5 points!

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Re: only need 5 more points!!!!

My question would be, where are you in your rebuilding process?

Do you have the accounts now to build on, or do you need additional accounts? Do you have multiple revolving? How old is your credit history?

Do you still have old derogs in your CR, and if so, have you exhasted efforts to get them deleted?  When will they fall of their own old age?

ARe you in a wait it out mode, or do you need to do something now.......... 

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Re: only need 5 more points!!!!

i am def still rebuilding. i have 4 revolving all zero balance except for one, puts my uti about 5%, 1 student loan that reports as 4, one car loan reporting.


i have no inquaries in over 1 year 4 months.solid payment history for 2 years 3 months.


As far as old derogs dropping, i got two GWed with chase that would of been on for a while. My last derog drops in 2014, i have tried GWing all my derogs. they all said no except chase. i just sent in two disputes today for 2 accounts that were included in bk that are supposed to drop off in 4/2012 to try and get them to drop off a month early.


I also have two judgements showing(included in bk), i just sent paperwork to get one vacated so i can try to get it to drop off. Ill see how that one goes and then work on the second one if that one works out ok.


so ya i feel i have a little more rebuilding i can try before i hit wait it out mode, I was thinking of applying for another card, probally barclays rewards or apple, since barclays has been softing and finally sent me a pre approval the other day, also i really wanna drop at least one of my rebuilders, 3 out of 4 have a AF so im not really liking that!

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