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paid collections problems


paid collections problems

hi, everyone. Well to make along story short. I have paid medical collection that show up on EX/TU only, but not EQ. And another paid collection through a telephone company whicg is also paid that show up on EQ only. These are my only baddies. I have redisputes them, but they come back as updated/no changes. I have called the companies sope with the agents, but they say they can not removed from my report. Does anyone has any suggestion?? Thank u to all for your advice.
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Re: paid collections problems

If these are accurate accounts, you shouldn't dispute, unless you are doing it as a step in the HIPAA process. Discussion of such is against the Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines and will results in threads being removed or locked.


For medical accounts, follow the HIPAA process.


For other paid collections, send GW letters.



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