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please help…

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Re: please help…

what is the difference between garnishing wages and a judgement?

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Re: please help…

A judgement is a court order to pay. To garnish wages, they go to your company and your company takes the money and sends it to the creditor. In pa, they can't do that but can go to your bank and take it from on your account that way, or so it appears.


Taken from a legal firms web page.


Pennsylvania does permit what is called "bank garnishment." This means if you have money in a bank, a creditor may obtain a judgment against you in court and garnish whatever money is deposited there – even if that money is from a direct deposit of wages. 


Hope this helps.





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Re: please help…

would that be for 1 ? or all my checking accounts? i have 2 both with pretty much nothing in them

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