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question about an old, unpaid CO

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question about an old, unpaid CO

It is outside of SOL (over a year since that passed) and set to fall report in a couple months.  The CA that owns it now (which is set to fall off Dec) has never attempted to collect *knock on wood*.  Its the only one I havent pd in full after charge off, settled, etc. from my 2006-2007 rough patch.


My question is, even after its off reports I realize mortgage lenders can pull a more in depth report and see it was there once.  If its outside SOL and no-longer at risk of being sued, can  a lender still require me to pay it first?  If so am I better to do that now?  Settle for like 20-30% and be done with it?  We are looking to mortgage shop early 2013.



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Re: question about an old, unpaid CO

Yes, any unpaid debt can be required to be paid.  It depends on the lender what their requirements are, like how old the debt is, how much etc.


If you are applying for a mortgage after it is excluded from your CR I would take care of it then so it won't drop your score.  If it hasn't updated in awhile that could happen.

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