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"Date of Last Payment" showing incorrect/how to verify?

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"Date of Last Payment" showing incorrect/how to verify?

I have an old debt which I remember last making a payment on 02/2006 however my credit reports are showing a payment of $855 on 12/2007. 


I called the original creditor and they said they no longer have any records from that far back and suggested I contact the credit bureaus and dispute the information. I did just that and TransUnion deleted the account from my credit report very quickly. Then tonight I got the results back from Equifax and they said:


"Results are: We have verified that the current disposition date is reporting correctly. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: Chase Card Services...


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Account Transferred or Sold; Charged Off Account; Credit Card; "


 Did they misunderstand what I was disputing? What does "the current disposition date is reporting correctly" mean? I knew the account was charged off, I wasn't disputing that. I was disputing that they show a payment made on 12/2007 for $855 which I don't remember making but it was so long ago so maybe I did? How can I verify if there really was a payment made? The date is very important because the SOL here in 6 years from date of last payment.


Thank you for any help.

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Re: "Date of Last Payment" showing incorrect/how to verify?

When you dispute through a CRA, you permit them to become the ultimate decision maker by use of their reinvestigation rights.


Each CRA was required to have forwarded your dispute to the OC for their investigation and report of their findings.  I would suppose, in your case, the OC did not respond, and one CRA saw enough in their file to verify, while the other did not.  That's the kinda arbitrariness you can get when disputing through the CRAs.


I would suggest sending a direct dispute to the creditor.  They pushed you off onto the CRAs, but the option is yours to use the direct dispute process.

As the result of your direct dispute, they have three options.  Correct the inaccuracy, verify that the reporting is accurate, or delete their reporting with each CRA to which they have reported the information.

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