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"Derogatory public record"

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"Derogatory public record"

About 6 years about I was sent to collections for a medical bill amounting to several hundred. dollars (yes HUNDREDS) I was 21 at the time, didn't really think it was big deal i wasn't in the position to pay it at the time as i was in school, and i figured i would just pay it at it some point, not realizing they would send me to collections and it would negatively affect my score. So my question is, how long does a "derogatory public record" usually take to be removed from a credit report so my score is no longer impacted, and is there a process to getting it removed?


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Re: "Derogatory public record"

Collections are not public record information.

They are the reporting of the fact that a debt collector has collection authority, either by assignment from the current owner, or by way of their own ownership of the debt.

Collections are reported to CRAs by the debt collector.

Public record information is gathered by the CRAs based on their research of existing public records.


A debt that has been placed for collection can also become a public record if the debt is also subject to some action that is posted by a governmental body, such as a court judgment or a tax lien.

If your credit report is referencing public record information, there is likely some posting other than the collection.

Public record information has its own, separate credit report exclusion period based on the type of public record.

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Re: "Derogatory public record"

Thanks for the reply, but most of that went right over my head. However I looked at the account from one of my credit lendors and it says derogatory public record OR collections. Another just says "derogatory account." Anyways, I'm certain that it is from the aforementioned collection of a medical bill, so my question was is there a process to get this removed or does it simply go away after x amount of time has passed?
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Re: "Derogatory public record"

If it's just a collection, it'll fall off about 7 years after the first date of delinquency. You can try to negotiate a pay for delete, but it seems that's getting harder to do. You said it went to collections 6 years ago so this should be falling off in a year or so. You can pay it but it won't boost your score. Of you're wanting to apply for credit in the near future, a paid collection will be better than unpaid. If you're not going to apply soon, then I've read it's best to let it fall off being that old.
If it's a collection that turned into a judgment (which would be a public record), it will fall off your credit report 7 years from the date it was filed in court. However, even though it won't show on your credit, if it remains unpaid they could still refile and come and garnish wages. Depending on where you live they could refile and come after you for 10 or 20 years. So, it's best to pay a judgment and then let it fall off your credit report as a paid public record.
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Re: "Derogatory public record"

Thanks for the response. The amount was paid off right after it went to collections. So hopefully I'll see this fall off soon!
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Re: "Derogatory public record"



Yes, I am certain there is a process to get the negative information removed.  However, the process will be dependent on what is actually being reported to the credit bureaus. 


You have posted incomplete and conflicting information regarding what is being reported.


The way I read your posts, you are only aware of this negative information because a lender let you see the reports they had pulled on you. 


In order for you to receive the best and most accurate advice here, you will need to obtain copies of your own reports.  Once you have the reports in your hands, you will be able to determine if this is a collection, a public record, or both. When you get that info, post it to the community and they can give you better advice.  

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Re: "Derogatory public record"

I will say that from what I have found medical collections are more forgiving with goodwill deletes, so it's worth a shot.

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