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I have 2 collections that was shown to fall off my EXP CR in Oct 11. However, this past 30 days both accounts have changed their statuses to "NO STATUS" and their scheduled "fall off" dates fields are blank now. On a positive note, my plus score has increased 57 pts since that happened and my report cards state I have no collections on my report! Still though, the former bothers me. Questions:


Will these acounts still drop off due to SOL?


Are they baiting me to do another dispute just to possibly re-age the accounts?


Any comments, concerns, questions or critiques are welcome



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I do not know the correct answer to your question.  Perhaps those items were moved into a “pending” stage because it’s about to come off.  I wouldn’t touch it or contact anyone regarding it.  Let it pass the 7 years +180 days mark and if it didn’t fall off naturally then contact the Credit Reporting Agency to dispute it.

A CA can not “re-age” a debt simply because you spoke with them, that is illegal.  SOL for payment begins from the date of the last payment you made, period.

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Thanks for your reply StoneBroke. I have to ask you though, after the 6-7 year SOL, it will take another 6 months before it is removed from my CR?

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