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"Unable to add a tradeline" to my credit file??

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"Unable to add a tradeline" to my credit file??

Here's the short story:


I have a 6 year account with Wells Fargo Auto. Before I found this website, I disputed a late payment. (My very last payment, 11/11. I have proof it wasn't late.) Instead of disputing it through Wells Fargo, I did it through my credit report. I soon found out why it is never a good idea to do that, as two of the credit reporting agencies reported it as accurate (with a dispute comment) and Equifax DELETED IT ENTIRELY. Well, I called Wells Fargo to add it back to my credit report and remove the dispute comments. Since I called (3/1), the dispute comments are removed but it is still removed from Equifax.


Today I got a letter from Wells Fargo that says,


"We have reviewed our records and determined that the information being sent to the consumer reporting agencies is accurate. We have verified Wells Fargo Auto Finance is reporting this under your Social Security Number; therefore, it should be reflected on your credit file. Please contact the CRA directly requesting review of the information they have on file. Additionally, we are unable to add a tradeline to your credit file."


What does this mean exactly? They are not going to add it back to Equifax? I know the rule is "report accurate information or not report it at all" but the csr acted like it was something they fixed all the time. Any idea? Has anyone had any sucess with faxing payment history and a letter such as this to a CRA to add it back?

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Re: "Unable to add a tradeline" to my credit file??

It sounds like Equifax is the one that deleted the tradeline based on Wells Fargo not verifying. Wells Fargo didn't delete it so they have nothing to add back. They are still reporting it as they always have. It's Equifax who is excluding it from your CR.


I lost an entire good TL back when I tried to GW off a late pay, but that was from the OC and I just lived with it.


This is a different situation. I don't know what good it will do, but I suggest contacting Equifax. They are the ones who deleted when you were only disputing a late pay. It should be on them to put that TL back on there.

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Re: "Unable to add a tradeline" to my credit file??

If this is an open tradeline than WF should definitely get it reporting again.  If closed, then they probably won't, an IMO, calling EQ will be total waste of time.  They are not the business of doing favors.

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Re: "Unable to add a tradeline" to my credit file??

Thank you both very much. For the sake of being able to help anyone else who ever has this issue, I am going to contact Equifax once more to see what they say. The worst that can happen is that they tell me "it's your loss." Thanks again!

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Re: "Unable to add a tradeline" to my credit file??

Did you have any luck?  I need Equifax to start reporting two tradelines, myself.  : )

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Re: "Unable to add a tradeline" to my credit file??

Nope. I tried for 6 months. Calls to WF, Equifax and many, many letters. I am just considering it a loss and lesson learned. My Equifax will always be about 20 points less than the rest.

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