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"derogatory" medical collections

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"derogatory" medical collections

Hello! I have a medical collections currently in the hands of advanced collections bureau and I'm looking for help on how to negotiate or otherwise dispute and get the charges off my credit reports. Originally I didn't even know they existed until after a couple years went by. They are two charge offs, one for 100 and another for 600 originally from Holmes regional, a local hospital. This would be from 2016 but the report says they were called derogatory in 2017. The problem is is I never received a letter or any information on even having to pay anything in the first place. I should mention I had insurance under my parents at the time and had gotten this medical attention in another state, so maybe that's why I never got any info on it. Now it's being reported every single month according to experian and I'm getting rejected for certain credit cards and otherwise from any lender using Equifax or experian. I'd like to remove both from my credit report and pay as little as possible. Is there any advice or otherwise anyone could please share? Thank-you. ( I have been researching endlessly here and on other sites about dispute and pay for deletes but I wouldnt know which to go with)
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Re: "derogatory" medical collections

Call the hospital business office and see if they will work out a plan to pay it off. Then they may recall the debt from the CA. I work in a hospital and they have great deals to pay off debts.

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Re: "derogatory" medical collections

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Medical collections are some of the easiest to get removed from your CRs, here are the steps that you should follow to address them:

1. Call the OC and see if insurance can be billed, (or-rebilled), collections ultimately paid by insurance get removed per new rules that came from CRAs settlement with 22 state AGs. If not then
2. see if you qualify for Charity Care, if not then
3.  ask that they recall the collection in exchange for full payment
4. Send the reporting CA a PFD offer
5. Google the HIPAA Process and contact its creator for help, this process cannot be discussed in any forum of myFico.

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