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removing bad data from credit reports


removing bad data from credit reports


For some reason, Equifax has my personal data incorrect. They say I lived on a street in a city I never did. (it was in fact my sister's house, my daughter stayed with her for 18 months while finishing high school)  I personally never lived there. The only thing I can think of is that my daughter visited the ER there while in high school for a injury. 

It was disputed because I never paid the bill, the high school was supposed to cover it with their insurance, my insurance denied it. 

The original bad credit is gone from my report, being so old, but they still insist I lived on that street. 

How can I correct this?

EX 629 TU 640 EQ 660
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Re: removing bad data from credit reports

Do you have any open and monthly reporting accounts on your CR? Is this showing as the "current address" (as opposed to a past address)? CRAs report the address based on what had been reported to them via your current creditors, collections, inquiries, etc. So, if nothing is updating on your CR from a current CC, loan, etc., then your scenario makes sense. 


If you don't have anything updating, you might want to get it fixed. A differing address could result in a credit denial if you were to apply for anything. I'd call EQ or look on their website. Usually they will require you to mail in identifying info like a drivers license, a utility bill, etc. If you have anything about to report, like a new CC, then the address will automatically be changed.


ETA...if this is a former address, then don't worry about it. 

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