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removing collections

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removing collections

I checked my credit report and there's 3 medical collections on there that are all paid and marked paid but im sure those are holding my score from going up, can i get them removed and if so how?.....any help is appriciated thank you

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these scores are a few months old
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Re: removing collections

You could try sending a GW to them. 

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Re: removing collections

GW would probably be the only way since your "leverage" is gone because they are paid. There is also some talk of the HIPPA process but I have not personally used/read up on it. I have one medical collection for $49 and can't for the life of me reach the source.

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Re: removing collections

IME with medical CA's, I was able to remove mine by a simple phone call and the others by sending GW letters.

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Re: removing collections

Can you list who the collection companies are?

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