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repo 5 years ago wellsfargo

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repo 5 years ago wellsfargo

so 5 years ago i had a repo from wells fargo  the current balance they show is a little over 23,000  which i owed like 16k when repoed, anyways they make sure to refresh or add to the bureaus atleast 1-2 times a month which sometimes brings my fico down as much as 25 points all at once. is there anyway to get them to quit refreshing the debt or do I need to just buck up and send a pay for delete in. I want to buy a house here in the next year and i need to bring my score up a solid 100 points before I can do this... also with an original debt of 16k and a current debt of 23k that is about 5 years old what would be a fair offer in a pay for delete? 



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Re: repo 5 years ago wellsfargo

What's the SOL of your state?  Is this account still within that timeframe? 

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Re: repo 5 years ago wellsfargo

6 years and I think it has actually been 4 1/2 years.
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