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scam collection letters

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scam collection letters

Watch out for fake collection letters going around. I received 2 collection letters from the same place for 2 att mobility accounts. One was for 860 dollars and one 540 dollars. I called these people up to find out what was going on and first they said it was for a uverse account and then changed their story and it was for a att mobility account. I told them I was going to call att to verify the information and they said I didn't need to do that cause they had all the information right there. I called att and they said I don't owe any money. I did have a att account but I had already paid it off directly with att and never received a bill for those other amounts. These people need to be stopped their scamming innocent people out of their hard earned money.
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Re: scam collection letters

so, who sent the letters? 

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