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suing a credit union

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suing a credit union

I filed a small claims this am against a local credit union.  I am asking for 2000.00 (1000.00) per violation of the FCRA.


They posted as charged off (charged off in Jan 2009) an account that was included in my chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2001.  This account fell off my credit report last year per the seven year rule.  So they reaged it AND have put a debt older than 7 years back on my credit report.


Secondly, I believe that they have violated the permanent stay placed on this debt by my bankruptcy discharge.



These are my justifications. 


After doing this, I am now nervous.  LOL So does anyone have any points of the FCRA that I could use other than sections 605 and 617?


They posted this information the exact day I had my credit pulled for a mortgage application.  So they have really damaged my chances in that regard.


I guess I am looking for suggestions and information that I could use in my defense in court.  I am positive that the judge will not be in my favor, even though I am the plaintiff in this case.  I am not a member of the ole boy network.


So any suggestions would be appreciated.





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