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surprise removal

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surprise removal

Today I woke up to a sudden surprise, my diversified consultants collection from Sprint automatically removed from my Transunion account. It still shows on Experian and Equifax.  I have no idea why it was removed, I tried disputing on all 3 before but to no avail and I haven't paid it either.  Very odd, I received a 15 point gain but concerned if this was done in error ie will it report back later on.

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Re: surprise removal

Doubtful that it was in error. It’s more likely that the CA sold it or lost collection authority, and removed their tradeline (as required). Cases like this, it’s not uncommon for it to resurface with a new CA down the line.

Might be a great time to contact that CA and ask if you can pay in return for it to not be re-reported. If they don’t own the debt anymore, they may tell you who does, and you could attempt the same thing with the new CA.

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Re: surprise removal

Sprint engages in a business practice of moving their collections from one debt collector to another.


The CRAs have implemented a reporting policy that instructs debt collectors to delete their reported collection if their collection authority is terminated with the debt remaining unpaid.  That CRA policy, which is not required under any provision of the FCRA or FDCPA, is stated in their common credit reporting manual, the Credit Reporting Resource Guide, for the specific purpose of thereafer precluding the simultaneous reporting of two collections on the same debt, as after termination of authority to debt collector 1, authority can then be assigned to debt collector 2, who can then immediately report their collection to the CRAs.



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