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there is hope!

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there is hope!

I've had a tmobile collections through Enhanced Recovery Company reporting since 8/2011 and have been nervous on how to approach it. I didn't want to wake the sleeping giant so to speak, but wanted to see how to deal with it. I decided (after reading many threads) that I would give it a shot and call tmobile about the amount. To my surprise, they said if I paid in full they would give me a verification that I paid and would report it to the collections company to remove their tradeline. They wouldn't give me written verification of this, but said I could get my bill at any tmobile location, which I did. Once I pay next week I will have no more balance with them and I can dv erc if they give me a hard time. Tmobile isn't reporting, but erc is. Did I catch a break, or am I being too optimistic?
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Re: there is hope!

This is correct thinking right?

Tmo says I can pay them directly and prove the debt was paid and they will inform ca to cease collecting. I can dv the ca at that point so they get removed from my report by law right (because I have proof the debt was paid through tmobile who doesn't not show on my report)?
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