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trust the process

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trust the process

hello , im curently trying to get back on the right track as i have a few collection accounts on my reports 


midland 8xx

LVNV 8xx

Portfolio 8xx


they are all 2 years old and i believe to be keeping me down i have one auto loan going on two years old that is current 

i have 1 line installment for furniture that will be a year in decemember and i just recently opened up secured cards with Citi , TCM bank through my credit union and Capital one  all my scores are TU 579 EQ 579 and EX 583


what some advice you can give me on how to further along this process thanks 



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Re: trust the process

Congrats on the successes you’ve had so far.

Those derogs are what is holding you back. Portfolio and Midland will both delete in exchange for payment, in full or in part, so I’d tackle those as soon as possible. See if they’ll take 50% or counteroffer, and accept if you can pay it. Pay them and within 30-45 days they’ll remove themselves from your reports. Those will help. I believe LVNV is a tough but but some have had success with them, so definitely try to pay for delete there too.

Otherwise, manage the lines you have, don’t let utilization on any card report over 27% at statement time (ideally less is better), and let time help season your reports.

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