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trying not to get too excited...but

New Contributor

trying not to get too excited...but

It appears that i have gotten an old Citibank account deleted from EQ. It had been deliquent and then a CO for a while. eventually they stopped reporting as a CO and just showed as Paid. Now it is gone!! But I want to wait till I get a hard copy of my report to really do a happy dance. Still I am kind of excited about that. Bad thing is it was reported as in good standing with EX and even though I never disputed it with EX it appears to have dissappeard from there as well.


I also got an old Chase account deleted from EX and EQ. It was listed as an adverse account on both reports. I have tried many times to get rid of this one. It used to be Providian and I think with the transfers from Providian to Wamu to just wasnt worth Chase to verify? 



EQ FICO--(2/09) 534 (3/09) 619 (4/09) 626 (3/10) 671
TU FICO--(2/09) 628 (3/09) 640 (4/09) 649 (3/10) 680
EX FAKO--(2/09) 580 (3/09) 643 (4/09) 643
UTIL (2/09) 115.4%!! (3/09) 27% (4/09) 22.5%
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