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Re: Question pertaining to a justifiable 609 letter

So what information are you expecting to get from a 609? Isn't that just the request for how the dispute was validated?

I am confused about what you are disputing, the OC can keep reporting account history even after selling a bad debt.

Also TU doesn't actually list the DOFD on the report seen by the consumer, instead they use a removal date. 

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Re: Question pertaining to a justifiable 609 letter

The CO's arent going to go anywhere. As we say dont poke the bear. So in a way they looked over the accounts and verified all that pertained to those accounts. It will fall off 7 yrs after the DoFD. Keep disputing or all these forms will come back to bite you again and again as they update. Let it die a slow death. Least they're in the past. You can ask for EE in a few months and they'll be gone.

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