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what do i do next? 600 seems so far away :(

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Re: what do i do next? 600 seems so far away :(

I was gonna put my advice in, but everyone here covered it all.
Great advice. Use the pointers wisely! Smiley Happy

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Re: what do i do next? 600 seems so far away :(

so you’re saying any account that is more than 4 years from dofd is past my SOL and the damage is done so when i ask for PFD will i typically have to pay the entire amount? and what if they don’t delete it?
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Re: what do i do next? 600 seems so far away :(

Knowing the DoFD and knowing your states SOL will let you know if you still can be sued. If your state’s SOL is 4yrs then once the account passes the 4yrs you cannot be sued or obligated to pay the debt. But, if it is your debt and it is out of the SOL then that’ll give you room to offer a PFD. Maybe even at a lower percent of the debt? If they don’t agree to a PFD, then, IMHO, your best option(if you can afford to) is to pay the debt that has been validated as your debt and then write GW letters to see if you can have the PIF account deleted. CA’s don’t have to delete any accurate information even if you pay the account in full. But, trying a PFD and/or paying that account in full will be a win-win for you either way, just for the fact that you’ve paid an account you actually owed on. And that account will stop updating the negative info that has been hindering your progress and eventually that account will fade as your positive accounts report. There are no guarantees that OC’s or CA’s will do anything that we want or would like them to do but, we can try, RIGHT?! Anything you do though, do in writing! So you have proof! If you offer a PFD and they DO AGREE? Get it in writing so you’ll have a binding contract as proof. Hope this helps?

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