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where to go from here?

New Member

where to go from here?

Hi all,


I would like to apply for a Chase Freedom, but I'm double minded about my chances.  These are my current accounts:


(Always pay in full and no negatives yet)
-Auto Loan Joint liability with wife: Jan 2012 (32k still outstanding)
-Capitol One: April 2012 500 Limit
-Amex Zync: May 2012 NPL
-Amex BCE: May 2012 6k Limit


I'm an AU on my wife's following accounts:
-BoA CC: 2008 4.5K
-The Limited store card: 2008 1k
-Gap store card: 2006 800 Limit
-Macys store card: 2004 2.5k limit


My AoA is listed as 3 yrs and 6 months (because of AU cards). I dont have any credit history prior to 2012. I also have 14 hard inquiries across the three CRAs (all within 2012). Last one was 06/17 when I couldn't resist the sign up bonus for one of the citi cards (of course I was denied).


Any thoughts on my chances for a freedom? I've had a chase checking account for little over a year now and earn 125k/yr. Thanks in advance.

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