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wrong DOFD

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wrong DOFD

I recvd my response from a medical collection I DV'd.  The print out from CA shows
date of service 5/4/01
date assigned to ca  6/2003
balance.. etc
it is reporting only on my EQ.  On EQ it says DOFD 4/2003
I have read the thread on reaging.
Should I send a copy of this to EQ? CMRRR.  Suggestions?
Only the CA is reporting
ThanksSmiley Happy

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Re: wrong DOFD

According the re-aging thread, you want to build a paper trail.
First step is to dispute with the CRA based on "FCRA Compliance Date"
I did this with 2 medical accounts and they are gone, disputed online with EQ(CSC)
You might dispute via fax or mail and include the letter and dispute as "obsolete, wrong FCRA Compliance Date"........

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