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Collection Agency - Ambulance bill

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Collection Agency - Ambulance bill

During the early part of 2008 i started getting collection agency notices regarding the ambulance ride i took the year before. I was under the impression that it was already covered by insurance. I kept in contact with the collection agency during the research and info process and at the end of the day settled to pay on June 26th a reduced amount of $313.30 from $482. On Aug 28th I ran my credit report and there was no mention of this collection and my score was 750. I had some credit card debt at the time but paid it off over the following 5 months. I ran my report on May 19th and was expecting a number higher than 750 but was surprised to see it drop to 691. Needless to say i wasn't happy. After reviewing the details I saw that the collection agency amount was on my credit report which drove the score down over 70 points. The report says it was reported on July 12th.


What can/should I do? Contact the collection agency? Or am I screwed??

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