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Collection - How long before it hits credit report?

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Collection - How long before it hits credit report?

Today we received a letter from NCO Financial Systems about a medical bill for DH.  There was a mixup with insurance carriers and the claim wasn't filed properly.  The insurance company sent us a check for $122 and I stuck it in a file with the EOB and the bill from the OC with the intention of making some phone calls to straighten everything out.  Unfortunately I completely forgot to make that phone call.  When I got the mail today and saw the letter from a CA, I called the OC immediately.  I explained what happened, he told me to take his name and ID down.  He put me on hold and tried to call the CA, but said they were gone for the day since it's late on a Friday.  I told him we're panicking because we had planned to start shopping next week to refinance our mortgage and a fresh collection would ruin that.


He told me to call him back first thing Monday morning and not to panic.  He said he'll contact the collection agency Monday.  I still don't feel super warm and fuzzy.  He told me to fax him the EOB which shows that the amount underpaid was not due to a copay or deductible and that they would accept the $122 as full payment, but not to send any payment until after he sorts out things on Monday.  He was so nice and polite and helpful.


If it wasn't for this forum, I would have made the big mistake of calling the CA first.  I'm glad I know better now.  No more talking to the CA's for me.


And after all that, my question is this:  We just received this letter.  It has verbage about 30 days to dispute etc.  It also says "This is an attempt to collect a debt. . . This is a communication from a debt collector."  Will the CA wait 30 days to send info to the CBAs?  Or will they send the info now and then remove it in 30 days if it doesn't prove to be valid?


DH will not sleep well until he knows for sure the CA won't screw up his CR.  In a matter of 3 or 4 days when 2 of our statements post, DH's revolving debt will fall from 15% to 9% and according to the score simulator, his FICO score will be above 720.  He's just days away from either 720 OR 650 in the case that this stupid collection hits.


Does anyone have any idea whether these things go on the CR immediately???

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Re: Collection - How long before it hits credit report?

Its really hard to say when the CA will report, or if they'll even report it at all. Don't panic, there's nothing you can do until Monday. Its Easter, have some fun. Once you have proof the payment has cleared, start keeping hard copies of his reports. If the CA is stupid enough to report a collection well after the debt was paid, the collection should come off of his reports pretty quickly.
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