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Medical bill being removed

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Medical bill being removed


I have been reading post for weeks trying to figure out how to fix our credit.

This site helped us.

We had a medical bill.

Called CA on CR they called OC we paid OC Waited for receipt in the mail called OC back asked to remove med bill .

They are removing it off CR.

Thank you.


Is the med collection on your reports?yes

Is it paid or unpaid? paid

If paid, who did you pay, the OC (original creditor: doctor, dentist, hospital, etc.) or the CA (collection agency)?OC

If unpaid, do you have the money to pay it off in full? settled for half

Do you remember the date(s) of treatment? 2007

Have you ever disputed the med collection? If yes, when and how? no

If you did dispute the collection, is it currently marked as "disputed and/or verified" on your report(s)?

Have you ever requested debt validation from the CA? If yes, what did they send you and when did you receive it?no just called


If you have already started any of the steps in the HIPAA letter process, please post the following in your initial post or your new post. NO


The steps you have already taken and when.

The letter(s) you have written: to whom, when and the result(s) from the letter(s).

Dod you send the lettter(s) CM, CMRRR, Priority Mail, etc.?

Did you send any dispute letters, DV letters, etc that were not part of the HIPAA letter process?

What were the outcome(s) from the these letter(s)?

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Re: Medical bill being removed

The med bill has been removed we check CR today!!


Thanks to Myfico.

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Re: Medical bill being removed

 Congrats!!! Did your credit score increase? If so how much.
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Re: Medical bill being removed



Not sure if the score went up yet still trying to figure out SW from EQ

We only had 2 collections I had both removed.

Med bill is still on TU I will give them a few days.




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