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Removing old paid medical collections


Removing old paid medical collections

Is the med collection on your reports?  Yes, they are on all three..One is lised as Medical/ Health and is for the clinic and the otherone is as retail and is was for the hospital, but it is actually listed for a local grocery store whom was on my wifes account, but when we both disputed at the same time online her collections fell off and the grocery store which is a bad check came on my reports.


Is it paid or unpaid?   Paid


If paid, who did you pay, the OC (original creditor: doctor, dentist, hospital, etc.) or the CA (collection agency)?   The hospital one (grocery store one) was paid 7/11/05 to the CA  :  The Clinic was paid to the collection agency after a threating letter from their attorney on 9/7/06


If unpaid, do you have the money to pay it off in full?    N/A


Do you remember the date(s) of treatment?   The dates were from over a good 6-12 month course, but the 1st deliq on the clinic was 6/1/04 and assigned 8/14/04 and paid 9/7/06  ; the hospital was 1st deliq on 1/1/05 and assigned 2/28/05 was paid 7/11/05. 


Have you ever disputed the med collection? If yes, when and how?   The CA has been disputed via online via all 3 bureaus, but just recently have followed PRE-HIPAA MEDICAL DISPUTE LETTER I have gotten from Experian that the info has already been Verified in the past and that was that.  Equifax(csc) have just given me the correct mailing address, but no person whom verified this or anything like that.  They are still reporting.  Transunion haven't hurd back yet, but im sure it will still be there.


If you did dispute the collection, is it currently marked as "disputed and/or verified" on your report(s)?

Experian unable to pull a good report since myfico drop  ;  Equifax (csc)  the clinic just says collection account and the hospital (local grocery store) stated that consumer disputes this item.


Have you ever requested debt validation from the CA?    No



The steps you have already taken and when. Just started 35 days ago.


The letter(s) you have written: to whom, when and the result(s) from the letter(s).  Have followed the PRE-HIPAA MEDICAL DISPUTE LETTER process to all 3 bureaus 35 days ago and Experian just said already verified and Equifax just gave me new credit report with them still on there


Did you send the lettter(s) CM, CMRRR, Priority Mail, etc.?  Cerified mail just PRE-HIPAA MEDICAL DISPUTE LETTER stated.


Did you send any dispute letters, DV letters, etc that were not part of the HIPAA letter process?  Nope nothen just PRE-HIPAA MEDICAL DISPUTE LETTER



What would be my next step or steps in going about geting these removed I guess since the bureaus never got the person or persons whom verified this info that my dispute letter was never really taken to heart.


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Re: Removing old paid medical collections

Pull your reports directly from the CRAs, these reports have the most complete information. You should only pull myfico reports for scores, not for their content. Wait until all three agencies complete their investigations, then post in this thread for more advice.
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Re: Removing old paid medical collections

I have since pulled reports from all three bureaus and all three have verified, no change still have them on all three bureaus.  After reading more i haven't opted out thru the i need to on these since they are already there?  When i sent the pre-hippa i didn't use teal or purple ink.  I though it would just disappear as other collections have done before.   What are the next steps that need to be done??


Thanks for the help in advance!!

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