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Sent a letter to the CA not the CRA.

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Sent a letter to the CA not the CRA.

I sent the validation/dispute HIPAA letter to the CA not the CRA!  Oh yipes!  Wish I had studied the acronyms more!  I haven't heard from the CA.  Are they bound by law to respond? 


I don't have any accurate records relating to what I owed/owe the hospital and this was my first toe-dip into settling up with my past.  This debt was from surgery in 2000.  On my credit reports it says 2004.  Isn't that past the SOL and illegal?  What appears on my credit report is definitely higher than what I ever owed. 

How do I find out what the original debt was, what's been paid and what, if anything, I owe?  If that seems particularly ambiguous, several years ago I sought help from a 'nonprofit' credit-card-funded agency that reportedly helped to pay off debt with lower interest.  For the record, they deducted the money from my account but each month the 'bill' listed several debtors as unpayable.  I never got it straightened out and still wonder how many hundreds of dollars it cost.  But that's a different board. 

So now what?  Do I send the letter to the two CRAs where it's reported or to all three of them?  What about the CA? 


Thanks for your help.

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