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At what point do you give up?

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Re: At what point do you give up?

805orbust wrote:

Am I the only one that doesn't see a way out? Even if they do divorce isn't OP still responsible for child support?  Alimony?  Poor guy. 

Yeah, it sounds like you're the only one because there's always a way. Why would OP be responsible for child support of two kids that aren't his? Why would he be responsible for alimony of someone that he hasn't been married to for 10 years or more? 


Anywho, this was one of the reasons why my wife and I split. I sacrificed a lot to support my family and she did a good job of wiping out our bank accounts at Walmart. She was bi-polar and wouldn't get treatment, and we ultimately decided to part ways. She has since learned to control herself and has gotten a decent job and degree while I have been able to build my savings and be in a relationship that I felt was based on more than just my income. Sometimes the hard decisions are the best ones, assuming that both people understand that the differences can't be resolved.

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Re: At what point do you give up?

abnormalspring wrote:

I am going to take TheVig advice and see how she reacts.


If she is willing to get onboard then things may go well if things go downhill then I will evaluate the situation at the time. Thank you both for the advice.

It's never too late you got this maybe you need encouragement this place has been very helpful to me so far and it will be for you as well. Smiley Happy hang in there

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