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Combnied Finances Strategy and Success?

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Combnied Finances Strategy and Success?

I've read quite alot of stories of family finances going awry because of irresponsible parents/siblings/self/significant other and everyone has their opinion on combining finances in a relationship, but I thought it time we hear some responsible strategy and sucess stories (more than "we co-signed a mortgage please).


I was thinking, for example, the Salle Mae credit card from Barclays is a great card (5% statement credits), but the spending limits (250 food/250 gas/ 750 amazon). I was thinking that if both partners in a relationship had the same card (and perhaps a BCP), they could easy ensure all their grocery, gas, and amazon spending only cost them 95% every month (94% for groceries).


Then there's helping each other backdate their amex to whoever has the longer history with amex.


And of course, doubling up on sign up bonuses, i.e. 100k points from platinum amex.


Beyond credit cards, just having another person to help GW'ing companies to remove baddies from reports to double up efforts.


Other than co-signing mortgages, I don't know how strategy might work with mortgages.


Anyone else have any success stories to share?

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Re: Combnied Finances Strategy and Success?

Hmm.  I'll get real close...


DW is um...shall we say, "financially impaired..." which doesn't mean that she CAN'T manage money, she just chooses not  That's MY job.


However, that does result in "doubliing" of sign up bonuses, 0 percent offers etc...  Our scores are very similiar, and whatever sign up bonus I get, she gets too.


Comes in very handy sometimes...  Smiley Happy

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