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Couples - Whether to AU or not

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Re: Couples - Whether to AU or not

This is a good discussion thread TortoiseWins. Thanks for starting it. 


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Re: Couples - Whether to AU or not

In general, we don't add each other. I am added to his main card, but only because I manage the personal finances in our household, and I need to call in and speak with a rep without his permission. Other times I just log into his account and pretend to be him. I think I am an authorized user on one of his cards, and he is an authorized user on none of my cards. 


Hubby doesn't like fiddling around with credit cards. He's gotten an earful from me for his habit of just carrying one credit card (doesn't even carry a debit card). He is a one and done person. So he's like 99% of the population when it comes to credit, lol. Smiley Tongue

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Re: Couples - Whether to AU or not

Currently my credit is much better than my wife's  so she is an AU on my Chase Freedom, we each have our own separate Cap One cards but from time to time she will carry my Platinum.  I'm really hoping those days are behind us now that everything on my report is taken care of and we are starting on hers.  There are certain everyday cards that I plan on getting where she will be an AU and other cards that she won't be due to limited usage on those cards.  I have her convinced to put the category spending on the Freedom but just about everything else she purchases will be on the debit card.  But we also had separate checking accounts due to credit issues for the last two years. until this month.

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Re: Couples - Whether to AU or not

Initially, my bf didn't have any credit history, so Iadded him as AU to two of my cards. He's starting with a secured card, which I suspect will negatively affect my score so we haven't tlaked about adding me to it. We'll probalby decide on a card-by-card basis from here. I know if I get the Chase Freedom with the current promotion I'll want to add him as it's an extra $25 bonus. I'll take it!

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Re: Couples - Whether to AU or not

I'm on here researching.  I am seriously gun shy about adding anyone other than my Mother and Father to my accounts.  My DBF is a revolver, I'm a PIF.  How he carries balances gives me heartburn and my numerous reward cards makes him frustrated trying to keep up.


He mentioned recently wanting to be an AU on my United card "to help build miles". I politely turned him down calling "wait."  Being a balance carrying on my higher APRs? OH THE DREAD. 


He has some 1990's Amex and 2002 Discover More,  both have low APRs. His Amex is at 9.xx%.  My United is 16%!  


Keeping our finances, credit wise, is how we're running things, with a spreadsheet showing how much each of us owes for living expenses.  Fresh relationship, but happily open about everything finance.  Including FICO scores! 

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Re: Couples - Whether to AU or not

In my case we generally don't do the AU thing, with just 2 exceptions. I have my DW as AU on my ring for special purchases, that I'll authorize in advance. Say for example a book for one of the kids. If she uses my cc I pay for it. The other one is the JCPenny sc, I'm a truck driver and live in central Florida, so stores in my town don't carry much winter wear compared to stores up north, so I made myself an AU on that sc, but unfortunately the only JCPenny I know I can go with an 18 wheeler is in MD and I haven't go that route since last summer ... Anyways I do pay her JCPenny every month so I should be the primary ...

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Re: Couples - Whether to AU or not

We've only ever had one card, a a Chase Freedom, for most of our relationship, and it was just assumed that I would be the AU on it when we got married. Now that I have my own cards I'll probably make him an AU on them, too.

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Re: Couples - Whether to AU or not

If you look at scores - DH has a higher score -but I have more credit (thicker file)  I added him to my AMEX and DiscoverIt just to give him some padding on his utility and he won't use them without asking - Usually only if he needs to get somethng for the house/kids and that I know about.   This week he is using the Discover to buy our son a new bike. 

Eventually he can either be able to apply for his own - OR as long as things are going good, we will keep it this way.   He has his own Cap1 card but the limit is low - so he has to pay it off several times a month in order to be able to get anything over $300. 

I think everyone has to play it by ear and know WHO they trust and WHY they want to AU them.

Like I said - he is AU on 2 of mine - but I am on None of his.  So far this works for our rebuild.

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Re: Couples - Whether to AU or not

If dating no. Husband and wife if u wanna for help with building credit or something otherwise I don't see reason to. If dating don't cause if close to breakup ur credit file will be screw too. Cards will be maxed out. Most divorce I see credit get screw too I don't know why

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Re: Couples - Whether to AU or not

Strength of the relationship certainly determines the answer to this. But even then it can still be risky.

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