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Crazy Horse has been evicted!

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Crazy Horse has been evicted!

For those of you who followed my saga of "Neighbor I Barely Know Asked For $5k Loan! What?????", you know who "Crazy Horse" is. For those who don't, you can get the backstory on this closed thread above.


This morning, I discovered definitively that Crazy Horse  was evicted from the house that he lost to a pseudo foreclosure (investors bought it just before it went to auction, then leased it back to him as a tenant).

This week is bulk waste day in my neighborhood, so I was putting out Amazon shipping boxes and whatnot when, to my astonishment, I noticed a crapload of stuff on the alley curb behind Crazy Horse's house: lots of broken down furniture and small appliances, but also old clothes, a broken toilet and so own. As I type, it's piled to the top of his 6 foot fence and neatly shoved up against it for a length of some 30 feet.

I didn't dare hope, but this morning while watering my front porch planters before work, another neighbor came over to joyously inform me that Crazy Horse was gone, had been evicted for nonpayment of rent and that they had moved out in a series of carloads, mostly late in the evening after dark.

I had also learned a couple of months ago, that he had given one other guy on the block (I don't know him, but hear he's nice) the same sob story he gave me back when this all began. That guy actually loaned him a couple of thousand (not the whole $5K) but demanded it back when he realized the house wasn't CH's anymore and there had never been any hope of his "loan" saving it. I'm told CH hemmed and hawed and promised and reneged, but that the neighbor DID get his money back after "leaning on him". Those are not my words and I didn't get details of the method used, but given CH's shady, resistant demeanor, take that expression to mean whatever you will. If it helps, be aware that this is Texas.


So our street is free of that creepy guy and his creepier scams and I'm breathing a sigh of relief. Couldn't wait to tell you all!

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Re: Crazy Horse has been evicted!

Wow, good to hear you and your neighbors don't have to deal with that anymore. I had a situation with my Grandfather where he let a friend of his stay at his house after the guys wife kicked him out. Guy ended up staying there for over 10 years.


When my grandfather passed, it took us a while to get the guy evicted ( mostly because my uncle was too nice). He had never given dime to my grandfather for any expenses, we had him gone in two weeks with the right attorney and made sure to change all the locks.

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Re: Crazy Horse has been evicted!

Wow! That's outrageous. I don't even understand where people get the balls to use others that way. I'd make a lousy criminal or scam artist!

Hit the 24-month mark January 2019! All HDs, save one dropped off. BK7 is 5 yrs post.
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Re: Crazy Horse has been evicted!

I remember reading your story during the first few months I joined MyFico.  Crazy!  At least he's finally gone!  You guys should have a block party!

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Re: Crazy Horse has been evicted!

Hahahahaha! BBQ at my place!!!

Hit the 24-month mark January 2019! All HDs, save one dropped off. BK7 is 5 yrs post.
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Re: Crazy Horse has been evicted!

Good riddance 😄 I remember your story as well...and the initial "coffee date". Well, sounds like the Crazy Horse chapter is closed.
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Re: Crazy Horse has been evicted!

Sometimes success comes in the strangest packages... Smiley Happy

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Re: Crazy Horse has been evicted!

Congrats!  I remember your story previously as well, glad it's in the rearview mirror now.


I'm all for optimizing one's housing expenses... was looking at some numbers yesterday and realized I could get my aggregate housing expenses down to 900/month in a pretty nice urban community now in LA, but in my case that was only after I'd paid off the remaining 211k on my mortgage haha.


Like you Lady I just don't think that way and would make a terrible criminal. Smiley Happy

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Re: Crazy Horse has been evicted!

Glad to hear that it's over.  Yay you!

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Re: Crazy Horse has been evicted!

I’m going through a hell of a laugh right now, my ribs hurt,
Well I’m glad the other guy was able to get his money back. The neighborhoods just become a lot better.
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