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Credit Card on my Score Summary shows "Joint"

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Credit Card on my Score Summary shows "Joint"

One of my credit cards on my credit report shows up as a "joint" account on my credit report.  I have been legally divorced for over 8 years.  I am quite sure that my ex has never even used this account.   How do I remove him from this account and from my credit report tocorrect it?

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Re: Credit Card on my Score Summary shows "Joint"

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How long have you had this account? Do you have any older reports, and if so, do they show him? Is his name on your statements?


I don't know how you go about challenging joint status on an old account. I mean, no one keeps their info from the lender that long. (Well, at any rate, I certainly don't.)


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Re: Credit Card on my Score Summary shows "Joint"

When you originally applied for the CC and or loan both names, incomes, scores, etc etc were used to determine if credit would be issued. Having them remove a joint holder depends on the creditor/ lender and the type of loan. 


Having a CC remove a joint account holder is usually never done since the credit is based off of both individuals. Some CC's will abide by a request by calling them up and asking, and some will abide by closing your present card and re-applying in your own name only. Keep in mind that your CL may be lowered and or raised depending on your personal credit obligations and scores. 


No way to actually know what the CC company will do it is probably on a case by case basis. One important thing to remember is that if you have to re-apply and close account your application can be denied for whatever the reason, if approved your history may not be updated to when you originally opened account with joint holder.

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