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Date didn't have a credit card

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Re: Date didn't have a credit card

@TheVig wrote:

I’ve been married for almost 19 years. With that said, if I wasn’t and the relationship was getting serious, some explaining would have to take place. Not so much about having a credit card or not, but overall financial health.


I’m adverse to payments. Period. 

I don’t have student loans. I’ve learned this is attractive to females. I would never act on it, and I’m no Mr Universe in the looks dept, but I’ve had some choice looking a$$ hit on me a time or two. Lol. Friggin gold diggers.

I don’t pay credit card interest.....I learned the hard way in my early 20’s that credit card interest is something that morons have to deal with.

I don’t have car payments. Most car dealers hate me. The nut they make is usually not as good on cash purchases.

I don’t have payments for furniture, appliances, and electronic gadgetry.

I don’t co-sign. Period. Your problems will not become my problems.

DW is a coupon clipper, but not one of those extreme couponers. She also understands math. Just that it’s on sale doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s really on sale.


Living below our means and on a budget have given us financial freedom. We put math before emotion/impulse. Or said another way......we “think more” and “feel less”.

You sound a lot like my family! This philosophy (bolded) is what I've largely grown up with and what I intend to stick to my whole life.

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Re: Date didn't have a credit card

If you felt that you didn’t want to ask or communicate with him about it I would take that to be a bad sign. The easier it is to communicate with your potential partner the more successful that relationship would be. I listen to Dave Ramsey sometimes so I can go either way on philosophy as long as that person is financially responsible not using cc’s is not a deal breaker for me. 😄
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Re: Date didn't have a credit card

@LunaBuna wrote:

It really come down to one question, provided the OP is male.   Is she hot?  

I suppose if you are looking for a trophy spouse then money is not much of an issue.

Credit isn’t just a score, it’s a skill.
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Re: Date didn't have a credit card

@GrasshopperStudent wrote:

@MaizeandBlue wrote:

@myscorerocks wrote:

If you're 45 and don't have a credit card... well, I can't date you. Can't rent a car or buy a house. Huge dealbreaker! 

You can rent a car and purchase a house without credit card(s).

Some car rental companies will HP you and place a hold on up to $350 more than the cost of the rental if you reserve with a debit card.


Ideally by that age one may have saved enough to purchase a house for cash. If not, then manual underwriting for a mortgage is available but rare, and limits your options greatly. Even Dave Ramsey has talked about putting down large deposits for housing and utility service, though he somehow considers credit far worse.

Dave Ramsey's message of don't spend what you don't have is on point. His methodology is ever so flawed!

Credit isn’t just a score, it’s a skill.
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Re: Date didn't have a credit card

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