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Ex spouse bankruptcy reporting

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Ex spouse bankruptcy reporting

My exhusband filed for Ch 13 bankruptcy.  He had a credit card account with USAA before we were married and added me about a year after we were married.  This account went into his bankruptcy after our divorce and USAA would  not remove it from my credit report.  They have reported it as a chargeoff for the last 7 years.  My exhusbands bankruptcy was recently discharged; I received a letter from his bankruptcy attorney letting me know this debt was discharged and USAA is still reporting as a charge off on my credit file.  Any advice on how to change this?  I have wanted to repurchase a home for 5 years and cant because of this...thanks.

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Re: Ex spouse bankruptcy reporting

When did USAA charge off the card?

When did your x file for BK?

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Re: Ex spouse bankruptcy reporting

A couple of other relevant factors are:


1.  Were you an authorized user or a joint owner on the account?


2.  Does the USAA Terms & Agreement hold authorized users accountable directly for their individual use of the card?

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