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Feel Like We are Barely Getting by...

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Re: Feel Like We are Barely Getting by...

Comparing yourselves to other people (friends, family, coworkers, etc) is inevitable. It's an animalistic behavior that we tend to compete amongst each other; whether its who makes the most money,  who has the biggest house, who has the better grades,the list goes on. We are taught to compete at a very young age, its embedded in our blood. Thankfully we live in a civilized society where all hell doesn't break loose anytime someone has what the other person wants.....sometimes. With that said, if you feel like other people are getting by easier than you, use it as motivation to build your family business, to increase your net profit anyway possible, and to succeed at a higher level. However, if you feel as though the business cannot thrive and has already hit its ceiling, then I suggest you move on and pursue a career you always wanted to pursue. Let your wife take over while you pursue what you want to pursue in the meantime, or at least work part time.


Its all about balancing what you have to get what you want through a bit willpower, motivation, and most importantly patience with a sprinkle of some risk. But lets say you give up,or you're too lazy, or have no time, or don't care what other people think so you resort to the same lifestyle, or whatever excuse you want to give yourself. You have only yourself to blame, not those other people who seem to get by so easily (I honestly think they are deceiving you into thinking they seem that way. Appearance is important to the majority). Now if you decide to stick with the way things are, you'll need to balance your expenses, because, well, you have no other choice. Stop eating out, eat at home, make your own lunches, cut back on utilities, cable, cell phone bill, cancel Netflix, ride your bike to work (just generalizing of course) and do what you need to do to give you that certain peace of mind and stability. Those who feel nothing but envy, jealousy, bitterness without doing anything about it are losers. Winners go out and do something about it which I am sure you'll do, right? RIGHT?? 

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Re: Feel Like We are Barely Getting by...

.. Just thought I would put my 2 cents in on this one. As for bringing food to work, I've been working in the food and beverage industry for the last few years which means that free food is basically part of the pay so yay I basically eat most of my meals at work and the rest I get a the supermarket. My entire financial situation for the last 2 years has revolved around my wife who is very sick. My saving that I had of 25k went to copays for cancer operations and heart operations and pretty much every penny has gone to copays for operations. Still many times we have had to wait for days to get a copay together for an operation when they said that cancer was spreading and seconds count. So with life turned upside down for us we have had to beg family and friends and strangers for help. It hasn't been fun but you do what you have to for those you love.  Despite all this or maybe because of it, I ended up here to improve my credit. I have had to become responsible out of necessity. Life forced me into it I guess. Next week my wife gets transfered to a new hospital far away from me. Her family has stepped in (stepped up) to help us out for a few months.

     Our story is a bit more extreme than some but we went through years of substance abuse,addiction, homelessness. Having a computer was out of the question for us for a long time. After being in recovery from addiction for a few years, rebuilding credit is a necessity. Our focus now as it has been for a long time is keeping my wife alive and trying to get her better.  I haven't told her or her family that I embarked on this credit repair experience and that I got new credit cards because they would try to shake me down for money if they knew I had applied and been accepted for new credit.  They don't get the concept of rebuilding. I am committed to the princlples espoused here of low utilisation and only having a balance on one card as I rebuild. So for now I just tell them I am working on my credit and hope that someday they will learn to be more responsible like I have learned. I know that ultimately following the principles here will be best for us in the long run and I will get to over 700 Smiley Happy or shall I say get back to 700...

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Re: Feel Like We are Barely Getting by...

When I was going through my emergency surgeries just over a year ago, the hospital tried to pull that "prepay" thing on me.  The surgeries that were done in the hospital (5 or 6 of them) while I was in patient were billed to me after the fact.  The two surgeries I had to have as an out patient, well, the morning of check in, the hospital rep put her hand out and demand lots of money.   I asked her what for?   She said it was my copay for the surgery.   


Long story short - the rep had lied to me and said the insurance company had told them the day before how much I would have to pay (copay) and that the hospital HAD to collect it prior to doing surgery.  I told the hospital rep that they would have to bill me since I came to the hospital without any money.   She didn't like it, but she did bill me.


I talked to my insurance company and found out that the hospital had NOT called for any information and had NOT called for a pre-authorization.  My insurance company told me that the hospital can ask for some money, but under no circumstances (per the contract with the insurance company and the hospital) could the hospital deny me treatment, including surgery, because I did not prepay.


The next surgery - I told the hospital rep bill me later before she went into her spiel.


The bills did come.  Know what?   The hospital bill, after the insurance company had settled with them, was significantly LESS than what the hospital had demanded I pay before surgery!  Yeah.


I hope this helps you with future procedures.

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