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How much money to save for marriage?

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Re: How much money to save for marriage?

That is a really difficult question depending on how big your two families are and culture. It also comes down to how much you can afford and if it's even worth it for you have a wedding reception. Everyone's situation will be different depending on income and what you are willing to spend for a 1 day event. For example, I am Middle Eastern so it's a culture thing to have a HUGE wedding. But I hate that aspect of my culture and I want to only have close family and friends. I could care less to invite my mom's ex-roomate's cousin. So I am having a destination wedding to avoid these people. It will be a small wedding at 75 people. Plus it's a vacation for everyone at the same time. I am planning on spending about $80-100k. I have saved for the past 6 months and I have another couple months to go. Good luck and congrats!

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Re: How much money to save for marriage?

@JustCurious1 wrote:

@xvassagox wrote:

Not sure how chinese weddings are compared to vietnamese, but we spent ~30k for everything including honeymoon trip. As with typical asian tradition though, wedding gifts are normally in cash and it'll cover the costs more or less. 


A couple of tips, don't go crazy on the invitations, most people will just look at it for when and where it is and then toss it. Same goes with the cake. People will be too full after the dinner banquet(if you're having a traditional chinese reception) to even take a bite of it.


Depending on when you're having the wedding, try to get 1 thing accomplished each weekend, like getting the venue booked, picking out the invitations, wedding dress, etc. As my DW and I had over a year before our wedding, we were able to get everything set with a couple of months to spare.

I actually haven't given cake much thought, honestly all the chinese weddings I've attended, I've yet to recieve a piece of cake even though I see large cakes being cut lol. Invitations, thought about printing them in Asia when we go visit and maybe do wedding photos there and hopefully find some dresses Smiley Happy thank you for your tips!

Yes, that's what we did. My mom went back to Vietnam and we had her print the invitations there. 50 cents a pop, instead of the 3-4 dollars it would cost over here.

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Re: How much money to save for marriage?

@ChrisCulpepper wrote:

The following is just my advice, so don't anyone get annoyed...


I would only spend two weeks worth of money on a wedding ring.  I would only spend 1 month or 2 of income on a wedding (even if the bride's parents are paying) - unless you have a trust fund.  From a purely financial standpoint, it is a poor investment, since over half of marriages end in divorce, and for families with above-average income, 2/3 of marriages end in divorce.


I would advise that every five years, you upgrade the wedding ring by trading in on a bigger one, or just getting a nice bauble to celebrate the milestone.  In my opinion it is more honorable to celebrate a successful marriage over time, than to blow lots of money up-front with little guarantee of success.


Good luck with your future plans.

Every plan isn't for everyone, but I do like this thought process.  Especially in a day and age where people just seem to not like staying togther their whole lifeSmiley Indifferent


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Re: How much money to save for marriage?

My DW is Syrian/Spanish both Catholic, my dad paid for the wedding, total cost was about $85,000. The most expensive part for us was the open bar apart from the venue.
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Re: How much money to save for marriage?

@JustCurious1 wrote:

I don't need to buy a house or anything but I wanted to know how much money is an average wedding, engagement/wedding rings, etc? Both families is traditional Chinese and I'm the first American born on my side, any suggestions would be great! Thanks

Everyone is different and everywedding is different so it is hard to put a number. It all depends where you live and how many guests you have. I just got married in June and it was a lot of thought process. At first we planned to have little over 100 guests, but all the venues had a minimum of 120-150. We were not going to pay extra for people that will not even be there. So we downsized our wedding to 65 people and had a more intimate wedding, family and close friends. Instead of paying close to 20K for venue (which included food and alcohol) we ended up paying 7K with food and alcohol. That is a huge difference. After that it is all what you want, what kind of flowers, ok good or great photographer/videographer, etc. I actually kept track of everything and have a spread sheet of how much I spent on what. For the rings it all depends what you guys are into, it can be very cheap or very expensive. If you need any specific info or how much I spent on what let me know and I can give you details. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the big day Smiley Happy

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