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How to cope with having worse credit/lower pay?

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Re: How to cope with having worse credit/lower pay?

Well im your age.
After i got married I became a stay at home wife. My x actually ruined my credit. Hubby makes all the money but.... its ours. We share everything & he spoils me to death. I actually do all the finances & we talk about everything. My hubby actually prefers me not to work but i can & i have. I have my bachelors degree & have worked office for years but now im just tired of it so im looking to go back to school. Anyways your credit or income to a good man shouldn’t mean anything.
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Re: How to cope with having worse credit/lower pay?

Sounds like he doesn't mind assisting financially in hopes of in the end seeing you grow to become financially independant, take it as motivation to get out of the hole you're in and come out THRIVING!

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Re: How to cope with having worse credit/lower pay?

The important thing as stated is communication. Also you are trying. That is also  important. My DD makes depending on the year 10X to 15X what her husband does. He refuses to work anything but part time and considers all his pay his personal mad money.  She gets stuck with every bill. He refused to take an upgrade at his job to full time which would then lead to a promotion and doubleing his hourly pay.   She is in upper management of a major firm.   She is now trying to find to find a way to rid herself of him without paying alimony. Until then she feels stuck.  

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Re: How to cope with having worse credit/lower pay?

@Zolomon wrote:
The easiest way to make living conditions financially equal is if both partners agree to move into a place that both parties can afford at least half of. For example, if your rental budget is 500 a month, then your boyfriend will have to be willing to move into a place that is 1000 maximum.

Now perhaps your boyfriend may really want that fancy place that costs 2000, and is willing to pay 1500 while only asking 500 of you. That is entirely his desire and your decision to agree to it or not.

Like you said, he knows your situation and is in fact your boyfriend. I think you’ll be fine Smiley Happy.

That would be fair, but your forgetting the "what if" part. What if it doesnt work and they split and one gets stuck with the full amount of rent/default on it and eviction.

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