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Husband needs a truck.... at odds on “needs”

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Re: Husband needs a truck.... at odds on “needs”

...want in one hand and poop in the other, guess which one fills up first.

Ah, you take me back to my Navy days! Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy


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Re: Husband needs a truck.... at odds on “needs”

@fi-fico-fum wrote:

Option A: Rebuilt tranny

Option B: Buy a used truck 

Option C: 40k brand new truck


Option D: Buy a new automobile instead


I think the issue is that there is a high likelihood the truck will only be used as a status symbol.  Hence 40k brand new truck.  A cheap nissan versa (or similar) would be a much better solution. Lower payments, lower insurance, better gas mileage.



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Re: Husband needs a truck.... at odds on “needs”

Thank you all for your responses. I messed up and had to re-register so new profile name! The husband ended up with a new (to him) truck. We talked and I expressed my concerns with price and bells/whistles that I felt were unnecessary in what he was looking at. We priced getting his repaired and it just wasn’t a smart option. For his job he does need a truck vs a vehicle. So he got a 2016 with a few more miles and few less options but at a price point I can almost stomach. So we both gave a little and I think ended up in an ok spot. Just a bump in the road I guess.
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Re: Husband needs a truck.... at odds on “needs”

One can buy a decent older generation Chevy truck for 15-17k.   


As far as spending more - is it for business?    If so (llc, sole prop, etc) you may be able to use the IRS section 179  discount to buy more truck and have a nice write off as well but the truck would have to meer certain criteria.


But, that aside - rebuilding your credit - I am with you. Keep that cost low.   And hey - no guarantees that the old truck doesn't end up with tranny issues too.


My first choice would be to keep the old truck.    NO monthly payments, less insurance costs, less excise tax.  Even with some repairs costs the old truck may be the best financial decision.    Paid off vehicles usualy make more financial sense.

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Re: Husband needs a truck.... at odds on “needs”

really late response and potentially irrelevant however, I am 20 years old and I had beaters throughout high school and I had made it a goal to get a brand new vehicle ASAP,  at 19 I leased a truck and now 20 months into the 39 month lease, I can't wait for it to be over so i can buy a $10-20k reliable vehicle while maintaining REASONABLE payments with intent to pay off quickly and then maintain an owned outright vehicle. I learned a good example of the classic saying that the grass is not always greener on the otherside.

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