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Joint checking billpay

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Joint checking billpay

My spouse and I are beginning to use our joint checking account more frequently. We both have individual capital one cards and I was wondering if we can both push a payment from our bank to capital one? The reason I ask is because my husband is on the top line of our personal checks.

Thank you
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Re: Joint checking billpay

I don't think there would be a problem with doing that (using any checking account.)  **** The bank won't care whose account they are making a payment on - just that they have the correct payment information (who its going to, address, phone number, and account number) as well as enough funds from the account to make the payment.


Set up the bill (Cap 1) under bill pay on the joint account.  Tell your bank to send a payment.  The first payment to any creditor usually (not always) may take up to a week or so.  The payments after that usually clear very quickly. 


My personal preferance is always to push through the payments and NOT allow any creditor to auto debit from my bank accounts.

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Re: Joint checking billpay

Shouldn't be a problem for anyone I can think of. I pay mine and my wife's cards from the same bank account. The bank is getting their money; don't know that they receive any account info other than the account number and bank it came out of

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Re: Joint checking billpay

I would like to point out something else. Both of you should be on the same page. Both of you should use the card responsibly. No one should suffer due to other person's reckless financial behavior. It can lead to fights later on.

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