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Low credit score

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Re: Low credit score

webhopper wrote:

Grandgran wrote:

Wow thank you for the information.  I never thought of this.   It's so great to hear other people having the same issues and that we can all help each other.  Hope you are doing well.

I have the same issue...


Mortgage on a rental property is 1465

Mortgage on primary resident is 1430


You always want to include rental income when you apply for credit, and bring your tax documents into the finance office, so that they can see that you make that income

+1 Great advice from webhopper! Make sure you add the rental income to your income!


Starting Score: EQ 653 6/21/12
Current Score: EQ 767 5/22/18 - EX 763 5/22/18 - TU 782 5/22/18
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