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On Joint Account Without Consent, Need Advice

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On Joint Account Without Consent, Need Advice

So I'm in quite a bind, let me add some history to this to give the situation some context. 


Two years ago I left my mother in the hope that I'd never have to look back. Our history is rocky at best, criminal at worst, but details aren't appropriate for this kind of board. 


So two years have passed and I finally have a job again, I'm on my feet, am renting my own apartment etc etc. I noticed that my credit card interest was trash and now that I had steady income I was ready to make some changes to my financial information. I pulled up my FICO score and: 


I found a card that I was added to in 2000, a joint account with Capitol One with a balance of almost $7,000. The card has been getting paid regularly but it's on the brink of getting maxed out and it's completely eaten up my line of credit. 


Keep in mind that I was 14 years old in 2000, not old enough to give consent to be on this joint account, I didn't even know it existed until this point. I called Capitol One but they told me that unless I had the card # or my mothers SS # I would not be able to get any further information. They told me to contact my mother. 


This is a nightmarish task for quite a number of reasons, not only have we not spoken in two years but there are a number of other things that will make a meeting extremely awkward. I would hope I could get this information over the phone, but I know her and there is no way she will give up either of those numbers to me that easily.This means I will have to speak to her in person. I can do it, but I don't want to if I don't have to.


There is my other concern that she will refuse to give this information up, and if that's the case I'd like to know if there are any laws regarding using a minors name to file a joint account.


FINALLY: This is a time sensitive issue. I need to file a name change within the next two weeks and having my name changed will probably make this situation more difficult. Also: I'd rather my mother not know my new name. 


Yeah, it's really complicated, advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: On Joint Account Without Consent, Need Advice

Its against the law to add somebody as a AU without their consent (Their signature). I am not sure if you want to go down that road with your mother, which would mean pressing charges. But thats up to you. 


Also, if anyone on this board thinks I am giving wrongful advice please chime in, I am going off pure thought. If I am wrong correct me. I am also not a lawyer, so my advice should not be taken as legal advice.


The only way for you to clear your name up with Capitalone (Only if your mother does not help you at all) and the Three credit bearus would be to prove to them you did not approve to be an AU on a account. Which in my opinion would be showing court papers saying so, but that would require reporting your mother.




Anyone else have any thought?

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Re: On Joint Account Without Consent, Need Advice

The OP could probably send each credit reporting bureau a written dispute, along with copies of his/her SS card and driver's license to show their age and say they can not be a joint account holder as they were a minor when it was opened. Now, if it is just that the OP is an AU on the card and not a joint holder, it might be easier to just dispute the account as "not mine".

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Re: On Joint Account Without Consent, Need Advice

I'm sorry to hear about your relationship with your mother. That's unfortunate. Do you have a copy of your birth certificate? On mine it has both my parents SSN listed. Good luck to you.

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Re: On Joint Account Without Consent, Need Advice

File a dispute directly with each bureau as "not your account-belongs to former relative, opened without my consent and/or knowledge prior to my acheiving legal age to enter into a binding contract" ask that they remove the account immediately.  I had to do this when accounts belonging to my ex-husband appeared on my reports.  List as much info as possible for the account from your report.  They should remove it.  After that if they dont remove it, you can go the route of filing a police report and sending that to the cc

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