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I want to marry my partner of eight years. She owns her own home and has great credit. I on the other hand have a Chapter 7 discharged 12/20/05 and a Tax Lien filed 8/05, paid 8/9/10. We want to either buy a home together or she wants to put my name on her house. I don't want to tarnish her credit. Should I wait until 12/2015 when the baddies should drop off? Thanks in advance for any input.
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Re: Remarry

It might be worthwhile to see about getting a consultation with a lawyer in your state, just so you know how any state-specific community property laws might affect your situation. You can usually get a cheap or free initial consult fairly easily.


What's the rationale behind putting your name on her home? Strictly speaking, marriage won't affect property owned prior to the marriage, nor will it impact your credit score on it's own. You could always get married and then work on the house situation after your credit improves.

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