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Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?

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Re: Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?

Thank you WarCulture. :-)
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Re: Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?

First let me say I am so sorry for your loss and tribulations.

As for ideas, I don't have many.
1.) Use the tiny homes as rental property.
2.) Get a free consultation w/ a divorce Atty and see if you can pursue more than 50% or force him to move out and either fix the home or demo it if that will increase the property value enough that one can buy it to build a new home and make you more profit.

3.) Look into making the tiny homes mobile or moving costs of a tiny home and buy new property.

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Re: Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?

Sorry to hear of your situation 


NY is an equitable distribution state not 50/50. Big difference. Be careful 

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Re: Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?

For reverse they do appraisal  It sounds like it would not pass

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Re: Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?


FORCE an old man from his home?
An old guy with Dementia....that already agreed to GIVE up HIS SS check, worked with her to get her into Navy based on his service, signed up for a CC for THEM to have....and you want MORE from him and him FORCED from his home?????

Yes, I feel for the OP ( and you have my deepest condolences with regard to your dear, son) but least not forget this old dude isn't living high off the hog himself.

He barely has a pot to piss in and to suggest squeezing his old dementia filled head for even more is just OUTRAGEOUS and to suggest to he be THROWN into the street is more than I can handle.

I highly doubt that came from a MAN or woman that serviced this country and EARNED at least a little dignity whether or not a particular woman wants to stay with him or not.....I mean WHERE is he supposed to live and on WHAT?

He offered up his freaking SS check, which is more than TWICE hers, already....according to the initial post that'd mean the guy'd only have CRUMBS at his disposal as of now and someone would actually suggest to FORCE him on the street??? Why??? Because he happens to be MALE?

The OP said they mutually agreed to divorce, she didn't claim the guy was terrorizing her or beating the crap outta her....just that he wouldn't or couldn't ( he is 70) fix up the little old shack of a property that who knows whom bought at what time with who's 💰... I'm sorry but the mere SUGGESTION that a SOLUTION 'might' be to THROW in the streets really ticks me off....

God Bless the OP....but SHE wants better and MORE outta life, which is FINE but WHY does that mean HE is supposed to be HOMELESS with LESS THAN 50% of social security and retirement that he EARNED?

The man-hate in this 🌎 is beyond imaginable....I can't help but to feel for them, BOTH...he doesn't have to a write post for me to have compassion for the mucked up situation HE is in, as well as her.

He's old with dementia, limited income with a mate that doesn't WANT him or to be around him....that automatically makes him, not worthy of the same human decency afforded her?

I would ask...what's WRONG with ppl but I already don't count and are less valued no matter what.
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Re: Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?

If he is having trouble with upkeep, not to be offensive but is he against a senior living facility, that would free up the property.

You could fairly give him what he needs to cover his cost, and do what you need to move on, both sides win
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Re: Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?

I would apply for senior housing and food stamps.
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Re: Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?

Exactly @Frogman
I'm not understanding why all the suggestions are based upon FORCING 'him' to do something...

She is the unhappy person, who's stressed
Why not ESCAPE...if he wants to keep his behind there, so be it.

The property doesn't sound like a 'prize' and she wants outta here, period.

How about a nice facility on the other side of the county/state...take the stamps n SS check and call it a day.

Why suffer in an outhouse, if up in tha city part of town, there may be some nice facilities with senior dial-a-ride, nurses on staff, movie night, bingo, weekly WalMart runs and working water n electricity?

I'm not even trying to be witty, I'm serious many of these places take most of your SS check but if that covers all your basic needs with some petty cash the words of Martin Lawrence from the movie National Security ' What the problem is?'
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Re: Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?

Thank you @WarCulture. :-)
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Re: Seniors ... and our dilemma. Suggestions?

Thank you for the condolences Late ...

The tiny homes are hooked up to the house's power, and are way too close to rent them.

I wouldn't force him out of the home, but if you folks saw the house, you'd say he NEEDS to get out of there PRONTO! It's that bad!

We have no money to demo it.

I'm moving back to Washington state I've decided, as that's where my oldest son lives, and I want to be near him.

Still have NO idea where I'll live, as son is living with roomates, and does NOT want to live with me.

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