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Should I save or pay off debt?

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Re: Should I save or pay off debt?

Pay that insanity off ASAP!!

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Re: Should I save or pay off debt?

My advice for you is to pay all the debts. Then, you may save your money with a clear conscience.

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Re: Should I save or pay off debt?

Pay off the high interest credit card debt as fast as possible and do not use credit cards for the foreseeable future. Prepare a budget...there are many good budget templates online. Get your spending under control. And figure out what expenses you can cut or where you can earn additional income to start a systematic savings plan once the debt is paid off.
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Re: Should I save or pay off debt?

People who say pay off debt first are not thinking about the anxiety and stress of not having any savings whatsoever.  Paying extra in interest while saving for a life emergency is a huge relief from the burden of being broke in the bank.


Check out the Savings Playground threads in "Personal Finance" for more on why savings is more important than saving interest in probably 9 out of 10 people who try it.  There isn't one financial expert out there who will say pay more in interest today if it means you can build your nest egg, but I've been doing it and have gotten hundreds (maybe thousands) of others through my Facebook posts about it and 90% of those who do it say it's a huge anxiety relief to save even if it means paying a little extra in interest.

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Re: Should I save or pay off debt?

I agree with those who say "stop using credit."  Put your cards away or cut them up.  Pay down highest interest first.  After all are paid, try to save 3-6 months living expenses.  Maybe pull out your cards once every 6 months for a tank of gas or something, just to keep them active.


Once you are successful at living on cash for a few years, get the cards and continue to do the same thing.  You won't end up with maxed cards that way.

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