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Wedding debt..


Re: Wedding debt..

beb86 wrote:

We had ours the old fashioned way where the brides parents pay for pretty much everything and grooms take care of tuxes and rehersal (We are veryyyy blessed, and the fact my wifes the baby of her family so that helps haha)

Good stuff.. her parents told her she wouldn't want her to get married in a courthouse because they did and they would want more for their children...the thing is if we do tie the knot I'm pretty sure they will not be able to contribute due to their finances. I have student loans to pay off when I graduate and that is main priority, I'm not trying to miss payments on my loans due to a wedding. I'm not against weddings, but I feel like it should be traditional and if the parents can't afford it..go to the courthouse.

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Re: Wedding debt..

I married the DW 21 years ago.  Her father refused to pay anything on the wedding.  I personally didn't care.  I paid for all of it and have been happy every since.

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Re: Wedding debt..

My hubs and I ted the knot after 8 years in December. We spent $1400 total, and there were about 65 people?... And that's rounding up on things I'm not sure of.

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Re: Wedding debt..

(1) public park with wildflowers blooming

(2) ceremony performed by someone meaningful to you (minister/ rabbi/ priest/ friend with a store-bought license)

(3) guests bring potluck

(4) lotsa paper plates and what-not

(5) splurge on a band that knows great dance music

(6) kick off your shoes, kick the train up over your shoulder, and commence to dancing


A wedding is a celebration. Stop worrying about astonishing the guests, and just have some fun!


(7) and every year for the rest of your life, keep dancing!

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Re: Wedding debt..

Wedding don't have to expensive but the cost can add up quickly. My wife and I got married at a very young age. I was 21 and she was 18 and had just graduted high school. We got married in a courthouse with full plans on having a big wedding and reception the following year. I do agree that you shouldn't go into debt paying for a wedding. After the courthouse wedding I picked up a part-time job and used that money plus what I could save from my main job. Her parents helped a out with what they could and I covered the rest. The total was about 8K for the wedding and reception. We waited another year and went on our honeymoon which we just called it a vacation. We did everything we wanted to do for our wedding and have no regrets. Because of my second job we end the day with everything paid for and ZERO debt. Plus we recieved alot of money as wedding gifts so we were good. 

My credit was ruined by 21 and she had no credit. It wasn't ruined becasue of immaturity but I lost a good paying job at 20 and everything fell behind not to mention that when I found another job I was making about half. I say that to say this you don't need to wait until you have perfect credit to get married. As long has both of you are on the same page about life and everything it includes everything will work out. Since married I have PIF every debt that I owed and they are starting to fell off my credit report and my current score is 689 hers is 780. She has graduted with her masters and I am in grad school. This year we will celebrate our 6 year anniversary. Don't let credit or anything else stop from getting married if you feel it the right time and thing to do.


I'll also add that she didn't start working until a year ago when she when she started grad school. I will say that we don't have any kids and that is the biggest reason why we were able to do so much with so little. 

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