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called stupid for having joint account?!?!

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Re: called stupid for having joint account?!?!

too-much-time wrote:

Bleu wrote:


Me and my wife share nothing. It works because we both are aware of what needs to be paid and thats it. Keep your own money. We dont file together and no joint accounts. This way if there is a break up no one has an opportunity to lash out by spending someone else's money.


I wonder how that works. Do you split the utility costs, or is it relative to income? Or maybe based on usage? If you like the shower a few degrees warmer than she does, do you throw in an extra dime on the way out? Sorry, I just don't know!

That would be pretty hilarious. "Here's my $1 for taking a shower!".


My guess is they either split the bill, or for example, one person takes the electric bill, another takes the phone bill and water bill, etc.

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Re: called stupid for having joint account?!?!

It's all fun and games and really cute until someone is stuck with a bill they didnt see coming. We're both around the same income so 50/50 works for us. And to answer your question, she takes longer than 20mins in the shower i got my water jar ready!

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