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monthly budget shenanigans


Re: monthly budget shenanigans

Appleman wrote:

If you are new to YNAB I think you will enjoy the new online version. A free 35 day trial right now.

I'm still using the old offline version and I *hate* paying a subscription model for something like this.


Other than the direct linkage to accounts (I'm OK with downloading transaction history and importing it currently) is there really anything that screams "gotta have it!" for the online version other than future updates?  YNAB 4 is still excellent as a budgetting tool anyway guess I'm having a hard time understanding the need to upgrade but maybe there's things I'm not aware of.

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Re: monthly budget shenanigans

I get paid twice each month. My first paycheck I put the majority into savings, and leave the rest in my checking account to cover credit card payments due. Usually I pay those a week or so after the statements are out. My second paycheck I put a small part into savings, and leave the rest in my account for bills which usually come at the end of the month. My rent comes out of that; I split other bills with roommates, so then I just send my portion to the ones taking care of the bills. I'll be taking care of the cable bill on my new lease. 


I also use YNAB - my free year subscription will be running out this fall, so I'll just make an Excel spreadsheet with the same formatting as YNAB to use after. I usually try to set limits for specific categories of spending, but some things fluctuate so I mainly use it as a tracking tool. My bills are the constants that I do set for my budget. I just started using a budget last fall, and like you I've been entering literally every payment and purchase in there lol. I put them in categories like individual bills, transportation, entertainment, restaurants, clothing, etc. and also note which credit card I used, or if it was a cash withdrawal, stuff like that. It's nice to see how I can adjust my spending from month to month. 


What you described sounds very sensible! So you don't have to worry about individual bills every other week Smiley Happy I'm trying to align my credit card statements also - two of them are in the same week, I just changed the 3rd card to that week, and then the last is too new to change now but I will change it once I can. 

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